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How We Got Here

We strive to help our community come together to learn, 
grow and eat healthy food, care for the land, help their health, 
and strengthen the connection between what we grow and how we eat. 
The McGrath Family Farm is located 55 miles north of Los Angeles and 7 miles from the coast, which creates a Mediterranean type climate for growing year round. We grow seasonal crops that are organic, regenerative and take into mind our unique local environment. We grow everything from strawberries and baby vegetables to legumes and flowers. This is not only attractive to our customers, but it is also advantageous to our sustainable growing methods of crop diversity and rotation.
We take great pride in supplying our county with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. 

On The Oxnard Plain Since 1868, The McGraths have been farming on the coast of Southern California for five generations. The farmland is rich with the deepest topsoil and even richer in family traditions dating back to Dominick , the family patriarch. Our organic, regenerative and sustainable farm grows a high diversity of year-round organic fruits and vegetables for our community. The main ranch house was completed in 1879 off of Gonzales Road, one mile from the ocean in Oxnard. By the time Dominick had lived out his life, over 700 acres were acquired. But it was his four sons – Hugo, Robert, Frank and Joseph – who built the ranches to more than 5,000 acres between Ventura and Port Hueneme along the coast. It was in the draw of cards in 1948 when all the ranches were divided by the four sons.Joseph Dominick, ended up with the outer ranches: Camarillo, Montalvo, and the furthest portion of the Patterson Ranch, which is now the Channel Islands Marina. In 1971, the four siblings divided up their holdings, and it is where we now farm the two contiguous ranches in Camarillo that make-up, the McGrath Family Farm. Nestled amongst acres of organic crops in the heart of Camarillo,
The STORE at McGrath Family Farm is just minutes from The Camarillo Outlet Malls and The Oxnard Beaches.

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